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Software issues, hardware issues. We repair and customize the best solutions problems that affect your computer and device. Computer mania provides the finest repair and support for computers in several regions. Both fixes are planned to get you up and running fast. When your machine is damaged, then we can fix it. When it runs slow first, then we will turn it up. When your expectations aren’t met, we will fix it.


Data recovery is the method of storing and restoring information from digital sources that cannot be retrieved by conventional means. This is a necessary service to mechanical and physical damage on your storage device in various situations, from user error and deletion. Our qualified technicians have seen every system malfunction situation and have a cumulative completion rate of 96%. We are capable of recovering both valuable and indispensable data from your device. If you are having data loss on your gadget, Contact Us.


Viruses are a part of the cyber world. We help eliminate and keep your computer running virus-free. Our experts will help patch your contaminated computer. I provide removal services of a professional type. Having over a decade of experience, after talking to you, we would make a factor of potential origins of the virus, and we can explain exactly why you first got the infection and what could have contaminated your system. We do a detailed search, scan for all recognized viruses, and, once we have found the virus, its precise location and the files it has infected. We will carry out tactical remover.
We will help uninstall bugs and install powerful antivirus, ransomware, and security applications to keep your device safe from attacks online. Includes:
Search, spot, uninstall, and further defend against viruses on your computer.
Track Virus or Malware attack
Make sure that you only have the emails you need, and remove the spam.
Protect the data by configuring the firewall.


Ready to update, reinstall, or upgrade your computer to an (OS) Operating System? We have provided you with Windows and macOS upgrades as well as software installs, data transfers, the new hardware driver patches, and support packs.


When you need fast home computer help in the form of a typical old fashioned clean, our repair techs will arrive to clean your computer hardware and applications. Our mobile repair technicians will come to you and blow out your monitor, tablet, or other electronic device and remove dust and clutter anytime your machine needs some spring cleaning. When your system works, it collects dust and soil in your home or workplace from the air, and over time this pollution can degrade the efficiency of your device and reduce its lifetime.
Our team of experts performs quick computer cleaning services at a fair cost. In the process of performing the cleaning service, we will clean dust and debris from the pipes, fans, buttons, and ports of your machine; We’ll help extend the life of your computer and prevent overheating, driving problems and other technological issues.

Our customers are our highest priority. We go above meeting standards and fulfilling them. We aim to make any customer experience as simple, productive, and painless as possible.
We have devoted ourselves to professional service and customer satisfaction for more than a decade. We are the right choice when it comes to big and small computer repair fixes. We are experts in hardware, software, smartphone devices, and another gadget repair. We offer various support solutions, depending on consumer needs.

There’s no smartphone or computer we can’t help you with, from MacBook to PC to Androids and more.
We are opened for Trading, Concerns, Buy & Sell, and any worth-while suggestions.

Our team has the expertise to handle any job, big or small. Your computer is important to you, and we want it to be running at its best. If you have a problem, send us an email or call us and we will be happy to fix your computer related issues fast and efficiently.

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